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vlad rudakov
film based media artist, and multidisciplinary

2012 • Bachelor's of Design @ OCAD University
2006 • Etobicoke School of the Arts

Short Films
2023 . troika • Art Director
           Festival du Nouveau Cinéma (Montreal)
           DOXA Film Festival Selection (Vancouver)
           Konkurs Festival Selection (Poland)
           Exhibit at Northern Contemporary Gallery (Toronto)
2023 . islands, no seas - online • Producer, Director
2022 . gypsy son - online • Producer, Art Director
2020 . swelling - online • Producer and Art Director
2019 . reconnect one - online • Producer, Director
2015 . documentary study of blue jays (outside project series) - online • Producer, Director

Solo Shows
2022 . paintdrawphotoworks - capsul studio • toronto
2022 . places and faces - coffee and clothing . toronto
2011 . abbot kinney street festival - street gallery • venice, la
2010 . reading frequency . oakwood village library and arts centre • toronto

Group Shows
2015 . art in the hub - riverdale gallery • toronto
2011 . the little art show - the hang man gallery • toronto
2011 . sunnyside pavilion - sunnyside beach juried art show • toronto
2011 . toronto bound - 401 richmond urban space gallery • toronto 
2011 . group of thirty - oz gallery • toronto
2009 . child sized portions of guilt - whipper snapper • toronto

2022 . e46 ute fabrication - public exhibition • toronto
2018 . icarus immersive installation - cinderblock studio • toronto
2016 . mike hammers chroma installation (3000 stripes of acrylic) @ carlu • toronto 

Featured / Awards 
2012 . Target selects four works for canada office • mississauga
2012 . paul stephans memorial award for achievement in typography
2012 . master presenter for achievements in Retail Branding Concept - ocadu
2011 . what is a map exhibit & interview w/ matt galloway - cbc radio 
2009 . the climb to creative influence - featured in marketing magazine
2009 . top 10 in robert chang gateway bike stand competition - ocad
2006 . futurist art award for outstanding vision and creativity - etobicoke school of arts  

F = Feature /
C = Commercial  / 
MV = music video  / 
PR = promo  / 
E = event  / 
I = interview  / 
ST = stills  / 
S = short / 
TV = show

Multi Role

F - Thanks Elephants B Cam  Elephants C - Analog Media 1st AC, SPFX Grass Spot McDonald’s
C -
Analog Media Camera Op, Sound YSM Yonge Street Mission

Production Design
MV - Breathe Production Designer  Leaving you with Less - Mikhail Laxton
S - Analog Media Production Designer  The Seventeenth

Art Dept. Graphic, Props
C - 5G Apple NHL Set Dress Rogers
C - Darren & Mo CHFI Set Lead Set Dress CHFI (Link to Spot
C - Skin & Bones Lead Set Dress CREA  
C - Lead Set Dress Kidz Bop
C - Ad Hoc Lead Set Dress Gerber Baby Food
C - Corus Media Set Dress W Network w/ Andrea Jenna x Pillsbury x Purina
C - Victory Creative Group Set Dress Google X Raptors
C - OPS Set Dress Hyundai
C - Bell Media Set Dress TSN x Bell Media
C - Radke (Toronto) Set Dress Samsung
C - Skin & Bones (Toronto) Propsmaster Home Hardware
C - Skin & Bones (Toronto) Set Dress McDonalds
ST - P1M (Toronto) Stylist Assist Sleep Country
PR - Bestlight PA Illuminato Short Performance Film
C - C1B Props Assist ETOne
C - Westside Props Master / Stylist Kelloggs
C - Reid Set Dress Sportchek
C - Rogers Creative Group Set Dress Rogers
C - Steam Films Inc. Set Dress GoDaddy
IN - Best Light Media Set Build & Dress. HBO TIFF
C - Steam Films Inc. Set Dress Nordstrom
C - Gaborgroup Set Dress OMIVIC
C - Mandroid Propmaster GoodFood, The Food Group
TV - Nabet 700 Set Dresser Good Witch
TV - Nabet 700 Set Dresser Frankie Drake
C - (Toronto) Graphic Designer Amazon 
C - (Toronto) Set Dresser  Interac
C - The 8990 Corp. (Toronto) Lead Set Dresser + Graphics Rogers CHFI
C - Steam Films Inc. (Toronto) Lead Set Dresser Canadian Tire, Marks, Sport Chek
C - Revolver Films (Toronto) Set Dresser Air Miles
C - Skin and Bones (Toronto) Set Dresser Fluf
C - Revolver (Toronto) Set Dresser Grub Hub
C - Mowad Productions (Toronto) Set Dresser Paw Patrol 
C - PARTN&RS (Toronto) Set Dresser TD Bank 
C - RADKE Studios (Toronto) Art Coordinator, Set Dresser The Wall St. Journal
C - Means of Production (Toronto) Set Dresser Smirnoff 
IN - Bestlight Media (Toronto) Grip, Set Dresser HBO Mountains Between Us (Kate Windslet)
PR - The Mark Studios (Toronto) Set Dresser Scotiabank Hockey
C - Someplace Nice Inc. / Studio 302 (Toronto) Set Dresser Budweiser
S - Blackout Media (Toronto) Set Decorator Stories We Tell Ourselves
C - Corner Store (Toronto) Set Dresser, Graphic Artist RBC
C - Station Films (Toronto) Set Dresser Würking Stiffs
C - Fishbone (Toronto) Set Dresser Forcepoint
C - Fishbone (Toronto) Set Dresser  Telus Media
E - Fishbone (Toronto) Set Dresser  Stella Artois
C - Dog Does Tricks (Toronto) Graphic Artist, Set Dresser, Props Cambells Soup
C - Dog Does Tricks (Toronto) Canadian Tire
C -
Dog Does Tricks (Toronto) Chapmans (Twister Spot)
P - Victor House Films (Toronto) Graphic Artist, PA, Props FOX TV “Man Seeking Woman”
C - Channel One Media (Toronto) PA Pharma Adv. for Nebulizer
MV - Mad Ruk / Sony Music (Toronto) PA “Daya - Look Pretty
C -
Seven Knots Media (Toronto) Propmaster Builder Client Unknown

Construction Coordinator
TV- Production Unknown (Toronto) Prop Item Build  True Crime Series
C -
Production Unknown (Toronto)  Set Build & Coordinator Apothic Wine

Production Assistant
C - Fela (Toronto) Remy Martin
C -
Fela (Toronto) Amazon

C - Fela (Toronto) Destination Toron
MV - Fela (Toronto) Dj Khaled, Drake, Lil Baby EMT

C - Production 172 (Toronto) On Set Carpenter Shoppers Drug Mart
C - Revolver Films (Toronto) On Set Carpenter Hudson’s Bay
ST - Rodéo Prod Inc. (Toronto) Set Carpenter Mini Cooper Lifestyle
C - Untitled Films Inc. /Studio 302 (Toronto) Set Carpenter Walmart

VFX, Technician
C - Fela (Toronto) Assistant and Rain FX Amazon
SH - VFX, Technician Before Grace 2022, Directed by: Jeysan Sivakumar

Gaffer, Grip
S - Sahkosh Productions Inc. Grip/Swing Hogtown 2
MV - Breathe Gaffer Egypt Lake
Undivided Gaffer Gucci Creative
MV -
Breathe Grip/Swing Valley ‘Throwback Tears’