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on set with homies as spfx lead
photo by rob mentov

a timeline of unsorted delights and silly adventures

2022 

2021 

BC to Toronto (4000 km on a 250cc)
medium format series, experiential

sept. 02, 2021 thursday 7am depart  kelowna
sept 05, 2021 sunday 4am arrive in toronto

total trip duration: 69h,
total km: 4000km
mode of transport: 2008 honda rebel 250cc
day one: 1000km
day one sleep:  maple creek saskachewan behind a Buik auto dealership  
day two: 2500km
day two sleep: picnic bench 1 hours
day three: 4000km

65 hours in (sudbury area) late night heavy hallucinations on hwy 69.
notes* the rain is directing the path–  two arms placing pieces of time in front of me, time is the illusion, time is the reflection of the movement we make. time conjouring itself through space we experience.

condition of bike on arrival:
front pads run down to zero, chain very loose– needing replacement. left rubber peg cover lost, right foot peg completely gone, front muffler mount loosened and mounting shims lost (sounding like a harley now)

E46 BMW Pickup x vlad bikes
concept fabrication

e46 328 city utility pickup conversion
(concept to fabrication prototype build)
[steel sheets, c-channels & tubing, fiberglass, raptor bedliner, stained pine]

loveseat couch convert to sleeper build for mel

park rave
shot on 120film

just inspecting a shelter that someone tried to sell me. (january)

2020 

w/ rob mentov 

 35mm Kodak 500T

pipe suspended from concrete
custom fabrication for adam kereliuk in toronto

beatrice space

early distance still

life still w/ rob mentov


life still, w/ itsreallyjustmitch

 Berlin

life still
 Paris, Saint-Germain

immunity selections mix (ch.01 / the warm up)
mixed by vlerd

2019 

w/ ericamobeele + friends

 35mm Kodak Stock

2018 

w/ candacebaumtrog

 35mm   Barbados

dome ceiling with gold leaf
lighting install and finishing dome ceiling work with paul reinke

2016 

i lead the creation, construction, setup , delivery and installation of this full size interactive piece by mike hammer . the work was put on display at the carlu in toronto. it is composed of over 3000 individual strips of acrylic paint– a full visual experience. the mayor of toronto, john tory, had made a special visit to walk through and interact with the piece on the day of opening.

2014  

tipi sauna prototype
found wood, tarp (shell), stump (seat), rock + bucket of water (steam)

the pedal stop, a bike shop i helped setup in toronto, storefront signage paint + stickers

part of go outside series

jelly kitty loosey up
experimental largescale mixed media on cold toronto wall   30m²   queen / ossington

still life
in tkaronto

2013 

ghost tapes
35mm alexei in studio

still life
somewhere in america

still life
 Puerto Princesa City, Philippines

still life w/ @maestrofreshwes
studio shot

2012 

still life
 Dead Sea, Isreal

fat cat wine concept ad
concept ad

2010 

swipe bookstore type ad

2009 

peace & love bike stand competition
top 10 chosen finalist

keep on shining toronto submission

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