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design is ideas.

multidisciplinary artist
b. riga, ussr 1988
earth based?
bdes from ocadu, 2012

many of us have dreams,
but few know how to realize them.
i take projects on from the very
beginning and i facilitate all aspects
of it. from design, cost analysis,
branding, construct build out, and visual
aesthetic. a project could range from
a digital build, to a complete b&m setup.
my multifaceted skillset and diverse
experience allow me to build from
many angles. design is living–
we are design and how we feel
is the affect of what we make.
so remember your dreams,
and let's make it happen.

-       others speak below          -

vlad, you're a craftsman.

- paul reinke .  
paul reinke designs
master painter & finisher
вы как профессор, со всем вашими инструментами.


you're like a professor,
ready with all your tools.

- leonid (adolfovich) goncharik
professional velo trainer & world veteran champion (team ukraine)
vlad has been our tech-consultant, troubleshooter, and remote problem solver, providing us with supply
recommendations, and investigating product to insure compatibilit with our workflow and system his advice and help in our operation has made sure we’re well adapte and equipped for what’s ahead.

- hari zaks .  
d&b tool and die ltd.
i highly recommend vlad as a web consultant/designer, he is a ver creative person and ver knowledgable about his field it has been a pleasure workin with him on my website. he listens to his clients well an communicates his ideas and suggestions clearly.

- pamela archer
international actor
your work on RBC was fantastic the sets looked awesome. thank you.

- susi .  
the corner store
production house
vlad is one of those people who know
how to get jobs done on time, on
budget and always makes the client
smile at sign-off. +1

- erik christensen .  
little rocket