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mirages lp
lp design for alexei orechin debut

3’ sung: a live event
album art and event promo for a live
music experience by the op forde trio.

the album provides an air, an openness, and a purity that is represented in the space between the three marked forms. three musicians are represented in gesture forms– leaving their own unique imprint through sound. each individual builds for us a world of their own that we experience, live and together.

ferguson’s launch  

album art and event promo for a live music experience by the op forde trio. album cover design, videography, cd print insert, web design

the video portion of the page was done by dropping ink into water and capturing the unfolding of its form. the form in the final state is completely black– the video never completes it’s life to full and returns to the initial shot– that one moment when everything changed. the album launch for violinist, andrew forde was done as a response to the injustice we all felt for mike brown. we stand in solidarity. #justiceformikebrown #blacklivesmatter